3 cute ways to wear your hair after a night out

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Your hair at approximately 11:35pm…



VS your hair at 7:35am…



Now that we’re deep into party season, we’re gonna bet that you’ve experienced the above scenario at least a handful of times. The horror is especially real when you’ve snoozed your alarm 1457 times and wake up with seconds to spare before you need to leave for the office. Just 😳

Alas, don’t panic girl. Take a breath, some dry shampoo and a loooooooong spritz of deodorant and style out that post night out hair, with one of the cute looks below. You’re gonna do just fine.


Option 1: the Ratajkowski chignon


3 ways to wear your hair Emily Ratajkowski into the gloss 3 ways to wear your hair Emily Ratajkowski into the gloss

Cute right? And so easy, according to our beauty faves Into the Gloss. Ply that mop into a middle parting, leave a couple of pieces loose up front (dry shampoo the roots if sticky a la chardonnay) and twist down low. Grab your cutest butterfly clip to fasten and gracefully accept the inevitable applause from your colleagues for your chic turnaround.


Option 2: the ‘fineapple’


3 ways to wear your hair 3 ways to wear your hair pineapple

For those unfamiliar with the fineapple…

3 ways to wear your hair

So this one is so easy, you could do it with your eyes closed/while still snoozing your alarm. This hot tip comes from our social and editorial assistant Nicole Carvalho (@kingcole_). “So assuming you had a freshly washed braid-out/fresh curls the night before, you’re gonna wake up without your silk scarf and everything will be smooshed or leaning to the side. Channel your inner 2014 Rhi and throw it all up in a pineapple. Scratch that – a ‘FINEAPPLE ‘cos you cute.

BONUS CONTENT: If you feel like being even cuter, add a printed scarf around the hair tie and tie front and centre.”


Option 3: when all else fails…


3 ways to wear your hair

Just chuck on a hat, a recommended last resort c/o our Marketing Co-ordinator Bex (@rebeccaboffey). Quote on quote “I curl the front bits/make them messy wavy. Then I put the hat on (a baker boy is my go-to) keep the front bits out and gather the rest of my hair into a low bun. And I’m good to go!” Bravo Bex, bravo. Canal boat to work, preferred but optional.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this nifty guide. Good luck out there girlΒ πŸ’‡

In case your head is pounding like your shoes on the dance floor last night, read this.