5 of the best face masks on the high street

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Feeling more glum than glam these days? We feel you – everyday struggles can definitely take it’s toll on our skin. So, we’ve tested these tried-and-true face masks from the high street (made to pop into your basket next to the pizza πŸ˜‰), so you can get your complexion to perfection in no time.

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Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

You know when you haven’t eaten your five a day for like 500 years? This is the mask you need. Because it’s actually got the greens in it. We know, our minds are blown too. Reach for this gem when you’ve had one of those burn out weeks. Leave it on for at least 30 mins – until it’s rock solid – and then wash it off to reveal rosy, super clean skin. 🍏🍐

Superdrug Sugar & Spice Self Heating MaskΒ 

This skincare saviour is simply E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G…not to mention it’s pretty much always on 3 for 2 πŸ”₯ It smells like cake batter (thanks to the cinnamon and vanilla extracts), slides on smoothly and gives you a glowing feel afterwards c/o the Mediterranean Clay. Pour yourself a mulled vino, pop yourself in front of any Real Housewives episode of your choosing and channel your inner suga mama. 🍷

Instagram: @mytherapistsays

Instagram: @mytherapistsays


Boots Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask

Who know honey was such an AMAZING addition to our beauty routines? As well as adding moisture to your hair, it also works for soft skin – cue this must-have mask from Montagne Jeanesse. It’s a little less messy than the others as it’s a peel-off, and with a tagline like ‘sexy natural skincare’ and cruelty-free ingredients, we’ll take at least three pls πŸ™†

Anatomicals Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask

Ok, before we get into the nitty gritty of this lush 20 minute facial, we just wanted to let you know that Anatomicals do not test on animals. Great start right? Ok so, lets talk rosy goodness. We’re super into sheet masks atm and this one did not disappoint. It’s soaked in a thick, moisturising serum (which you could divide between two usages if you really wanted, or go super luxe and use it all at once. We loved the 🌹 scent and overall cool sensation of this one. After 20 mins, we removed it to reveal plump in insanely hydrated skin. It’s a yes from us.

Ayuuri Turmeric Face Mask

Now, the last thing we expected to find in Morrisons while on the weekly shop was THIS beauty. With an ingredients list inspired by Ayurveda, ‘used for centuries in India to keep skin naturally beautiful’, the generous 200ml size for such a purse-friendly price also caught our eye – in the basket you go. If you have acne-prone skin with scars, add this to your weekly routine – the exfoliating extracts of Papaya, Liquorice, Turmeric and Kaolin clay will help heal imperfections with regular use. 🌼

Now we’ve given you the 411 on these cheap-and-cheerful masks, it’s time to get your glow on girl! πŸ’›