The hangover cures guide

Friday, November 9, 2018

Welcome to the definitive hangover cures guide, here to help you stay upright until it’s time to clock off.

Hangover cures

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We’ve all been there. Going for one is code for four, before you know it, you’re turning up to work at 8am on the way back from Southend with a traffic cone under your arm. Now, you’re suffering for it. Fear not, we’ve asked for tried-and-true tips from everyone at Miss S HQ.

NUROFEN. And having a swim*? But I don’t know if that’s really a thing…

– Jodie (does all the fashion.Β  All beer everything)

*Exercise is actually a really good idea to get the endorphins going, just don’t do anything too vigorous 😏

I need to eat something greasy before bed – preferably pizza. Any kind of carb will do

– Amber (designs really cute graphics. Prefers her Prosecco with elderflower)

Hangover cures

H20. Agua. Wa. Ter. I’ve mixed drinks before (rookie mistake, I know) but also downed water in between and after, and was completely fine the day after. So get hydrated!

– Nicole, posts memes every now and then. Partial to a Mojito.

Fresh air and Lucozade!

– Georgie, markets Miss S digitally. Loves a Baileys.


Hangover cures


Sugary drinks should help with energy, and a nice bath with a face mask – take care of yourself!

– Freya, junior designer. Recently into pink gin and ginger ale.

πŸ” Hangover cures bonus content πŸ”

Where’s the best place to go for breakfast?

We’re gonna go with:

Now you know what to do the next time you get a little too πŸ”₯, how about a getting ready playlist?