Miss Boss: Felicity Davies

Friday, November 30, 2018

Felicity Davies is one of those girl’s who quickly becomes one of your most favourite people in the world within the first five minutes of meeting her. Srsly, we’re crushing. And have been since last year, when Flicque started shooting for Miss S (scroll for some of her dreamy pics). Aside from snapping some of our fave Miss S images, the photographer babe has created work for a whole host of magazines, brands and even bands – follow her Insta immediately.

Miss Selfridge AW17/18 by Felicity Davies

Tell us about your career journey so far – we’re dying to know how you got started!
I studied Fashion Promotion & Imaging at UCA Epsom. It took me a while to find out I wanted to be a photographer. After graduating, it was really hard to find my feet. I trained to be a hairdresser for a bit, but because I had friends who had found jobs in fashion I was able to shoot for them for free just for fun, just BTS and jobs for blogs. From there, I had built up a small portfolio. I was temping at a jewellery company packing orders when I was approached on LinkedIn to work for Ben Sherman as sole photographer for their online studio, so I dove straight into that. I stayed there for 9 months before making the move to go it alone. I have been freelance now for just over 3 years.

When you’re feeling uninspired, what do you do?
I usually start with an Instagram cleanse, where I unfollow things that no longer mean anything to me or cause me to feel blocked. I make sure I give myself a break and am careful not to apply any extra pressure on myself as that always kills inspiration. I view creativity as like a delicate flower that needs tending to, getting mad at it for not growing is futile, you need to nurture it and protect it from the elements. The tasks in the book ‘The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self by Julia Cameron have been a godsend. She writes like a super kind, lovely Aunty who is just backing you solidly, which is what any young artist deserves and needs in their life!

Felicity Davies

Instagram: flique


Where are some of your favourite places to shoot?
I really enjoy the studio. It’s a safe space where you can relax into the process with whoever you’re shooting and get to know them. I like creating an open, relaxed atmosphere when I shoot, lots of references, a good playlist, some great snacks. The four walls of a studio is a great place to do that.

Miss Selfridge Spring 2018 by Felicity Davies

Who/what would be your dream collab?
I would love to go to LA and shoot in that dreamy golden hour sunlight. There’s a lot of exciting brands over there (Realisation Par, For Love & Lemons, Reformation). I would love to work with some musicians I am a fan of too, SZA, Jorja Smith, Ariana Grande are all dream women for me.

Felicity Davies

Instagram: flique

Is there anyone you think has had a strong influence in your work?
I have favourite photographers that I admire, for example Petra Collins, Francesca Allen, Helmut Newton, and at the moment I’m really enjoying Thurston Reddings work. Ultimately though, I am most influenced by my friends, and by anyone that goes out there and creates, whatever genre that may be. I think it’s such a brave thing to do. I’m lucky a lot of my friends are hardworking and putting their work out there, and that is a really uplifting energy to be surrounded with. I am also really lucky to have a key group of photographer friends who are paving their way, and I can lean on them for advice, which really helps too.

Miss Selfridge Festival 2018 by Felicity Davies

How would you describe your photography style in one sentence?
My photography style was described to me recently as ‘sincere’ and I really enjoyed that.

Do you have a typical day?
On a typical day I will wake up, hang out with my two cats, eat one or two breakfasts. If it’s a work from home day I might be sending invoices, mood boarding, having a lunch time bath with a book (I’m currently reading Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’) or retouching. I try to work in a lot of down time to my routine especially if I’m feeling blocked or low energy. I make sure I go to the gym once or twice a week too.
In the evening I’ll get something vegan to eat with my fiancee or go to the pub. Work is usually busy so I try to get as many early nights as possible. Usually with cats jumping all over us.

Felicity Davies

Instagram: felicitydavies

The best career decision you’ve ever made?
Going freelance has hands down been the best career decision I’ve ever made. Every day is different and the possibilities are endless, I’m Monica Gellar in photography form so the spreadsheet levels are high! I really love it.

Miss Selfridge Spring 2018 by Felicity Davies

Any advice for budding photographers out there that might feel it’s an ‘oversaturated’ community? How do you recommend standing out?
It can feel overwhelming to create anything when we are exposed so much of it and sometimes it can feel impossible to be original. It’s good to remember your work is going to be different because it’s coming from you, and there is only one of you. I think if you’re true to yourself and your vision, make an effort to diversify your references (ie. books, places, people, exhibitions), and ‘steal’ elements from the right places, (not from your peers, not from emerging artists) all with a broad eye, then you’re going to be on track to making work that is personal to you and that will be what makes you stand out. It’s also allowing yourself to not be perfect, thats a big one.

What’s on your ‘gotta get stuff done’ playlist?
I was going to say Ariana Grande, but realised I never get anything done when it’s on because I end up singing it loudly to my cats instead of focusing. I either like a relaxed hip hop playlist or silence. I’m enjoying 6lack & Doja Cat’s new album at the moment.

Any Miss S items you’d say sums you up?
I live in ‘jeans and a nice top’ because I am always crawling around on the floor when I shoot and flashing models is not a look. I am also obsessed with this diamanté clip, I love anything sparkly.

Who’s a Miss Boss in your life?
I work a lot with powerhouse, mentor, author and friend called Otegha Uwagba who runs Women Who, which is a creative community for working women (@womenwho). She is unbelievably driven and sensitive, which is a powerful combination I admire. She has written a book (Little Black Book https://www.womenwho.co/the-book/) that helps young creatives to navigate the world as a freelancer, she also runs workshops and hosts talks (among many other things!). Her advice always leaves me thinking and I love sounding things out with her. She’s definitely a Miss Boss.

For the photographer in you 😏