Miss Boss: Grace F Victory

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Grace F Victory needs no intro, but we’re gonna try and do one justice. An out-and-out Miss Boss, Grace has garnered our attention (and hearts) with her unwavering honesty about everything from blogger diversity to domestic violence. You name it, she’s done it – documentaries, music videos (spot her in Stormzy’s Big For Your Boots and just TRY not to cheer like she’s your BFF) and she’s an author too. How do you do it, Grace? 💪

Instagram: @gracefvictory

Tell us about your career journey so far – we’re dying to know how you got started (and ultimately became Miss Boss!)

💖Haha so.. I originally started in 2011 when I couldn’t find anyone on YouTube that I could relate to, and not just in terms of looks, but the way I spoke and thought too. So instead of waiting for someone to come along, I decided to fit the position myself annnndddd the rest is history as they say. Or ‘herstory’, haha.

So you became the change you wanted to see. Do you have a typical Miss Boss day?

💖I don’t, but my morning routine doesn’t change. Up at 7am, shower, fruit and water, make-up and hair and then breakfast either at home made by me or a breakfast meeting. I prefer breakfast meetings, ha!
Miss Boss Grace F Victory Miss Selfridge interview career

Instagram: @gracefvictory

It is the most important meal of the day after all! We love that your social moniker is ‘the internet’s big sister’. How did you come up with that? Was it a nickname, something your friends called you etc…                                                                                                                                                                                            

💖I don’t describe myself as that actually, it was a term given to me by my followers years ago. It’s cool that people view me that way.

It’s super sweet, and we totally agree. In the first two years of your YouTube channel you amassed views of 20 million plus. How does it feel to have SUCH an impact?

💖It’s weird, I don’t really see that as my way of gauging impact. YouTube is so fickle, one minute you get 135k views a video, the next you get 8k. But YouTube has opened so many doors for me and one of them being the way I can connect with people. The impact of young women allowing me into their hearts and to encourage them to heal is really the only impact I care about.
Miss Boss Grace F Victory Miss Selfridge interview career

Instagram: @gracefvictory

Do you think much has changed in terms of diversity within the vlogging community? What would you like to see more of?                                               

💖NOPE. Not at all. The top 50 creators/influencers/bloggers appear to all look the same and the same type of people are continuously booked for campaigns or taken on press trips. Yes we have a very small amount of diversity but that doesn’t mean inclusivity. Brands often fall short of tokenism too.

If you could give a young Grace advice, what would you say?                                                                                                                                                                              

💖Ahhh, so much stuff haha but one thing that initially came into my head as I read this question is ‘Sometimes you have to go through hell to experience heaven here on earth’.

Miss Boss Grace F Victory Miss Selfridge interview career

Instagram: @gracefvictory

That might just be our new Miss Boss Mantra! When you’re feeling a bit down, do you have a self care routine/mantra?                                                        

💖Self care is my life and I’m such a huge advocate of it due to how wholesome I live now that I have it in my life. I practice it daily, not just when I feel down and I think that’s important. If I do feel like crap though, I tend to get outside and slow down. Being in nature is so so good for you and I gravitate towards that to ground me. Eating fruit, sat on the grass and listening to music is my happy place.

What other Miss Boss projects would you like to take on in the future?

💖I am desperate to launch my own clothing line, sign a 6 episode documentary series with  Channel 4 and also be the face of a beauty campaign. I sometimes feel like I’m still having to prove myself and work extra hard just to be visible as a plus size woman of colour. I dream big – even if things take a long time.
Miss Boss Grace F Victory Miss Selfridge interview career

Instagram: @gracefvictory


What’s the best career decision you’ve ever made?

💖Ooooooooooo. That’s such a good question. Recently, it was getting a PA because it makes my life way less stressful.

You’re living the dream RN, ha! What’s on your ‘feel good’ playlist?

💖Okay here’s a few songs I love love love and think everyone should download…
Ella Mai – Naked
DVSN – Morning After
Tarrus Riley – She’s Royal
Gyptian – Beautiful Lady
I don’t know if they’re feel good haha but I love them.
Miss Boss Grace F Victory Miss Selfridge interview career

Instagram: @gracefvictory

💪 Grab a copy of Grace’s book No Filter, follow her on Twitter and of course, YouTube. Wanna read more Miss Boss?